From someone’s going away.
Breaking up.
From someone’s mind.
Someone getting angry.
I’m not scared anymore
By trying someone.
From someone’s trial.
By keeping someone.
By forgetting someone.
I don’t feel well anymore
Leaving someone,
Someone’s leaving.
I’m not scared anymore
Smile alone.
Never shed tears.
Not from this time
From the fiction of reality.
I’m not scared anymore
From someone’s inaccessibility.
From someone’s prudence.
From someone’s infidelity.
From someone extremely sad.
I’m not scared anymore
Not by living across
Not by going across.
Not from your life.
Not one day death will come.
I’m not scared anymore, not at all.




The one that was my part…

That could have radiated from my heart…

To your ears…

To all of yours’..

The same story…

That was mine too.

Is untold yet…

Buried in the soil of silence till date..

It will remain so..

Unuttered… unspoken… untold..

Till it looses all heat of facts…

Till it mixes in sand , being cold…

It will all fade with time….

One whole half..part of a story…

Will all die, buried there…

No one could reach where…

No smell will be present anywhere..

No one will find any left over !!



Hidden under the shadows,

Soothed by the palms of the devil

Burnt by light

Lost my insight

When I was hurt in a fight

With whom should I side ?

The devil that protects me ,

Or the angel that hurts me .


Whom should I side with …..

Whom should I side with …….




Hi! I am Bismala Zahid. I am a poet & a blog writer.i currently studied B.S ARCHITECTURE in NCA.